Choosing the Right Type of Candle Wax

With the busy candle season quickly approaching, it’s now a great time to consider which type of candle wax is best suited for your needs. When choosing the right candle wax, you need to put various factors into consideration. That being so, let us take a look at the types of candle wax, and the various types of material commonly used to make candle wax.

How to Make Any Mood You Desire With Safe Flameless Candles

The lighting of a room can alter the whole feeling, however if you want a safe alternative to candles to help relax your home after a long day, then flame-less candles are what you need. Whether you are looking to create romance, tranquility or simply merely want a fresh scent in your home, you can use candles and their decor to transform your house into a home.

Choose Your Candles Wisely

Burning candles has been a practice of humans for eons. Back in the days of the cave dwellers early hominoids used the power of fire to light the darkness that surrounded them. Early settlers and pioneers used oil lamps for lighting their homes as well as providing a heat source. As electricity was discovered, we were able to provide lighting in our homes and environments at the flick of a switch.

Choosing the Right Candle For You

Firstly, you’ll have to decide on a type of candle and a type of wax. Say you want to design a set of soy pillar candles…

  • You can either go to the pillar candle page and click on the soy wax thumbnail, or hover over “pillar candles” at the top of the page and click on “soy wax”

Aromatherapy Candles

Aromatherapy definition: A form of alternative medicine centered around the use of essential oils that are derived from the flowers, leaves, rind or flesh of certain plants thought to have specific healing properties.

Despite what you may think, all products that carry the label “aromatherapy” do not always use essential oils and can therefore not be considered to provide true aromatherapy.

Inclusion Hurricane Candles

Our unique inclusion candles are much like wax hurricane candle holders that are already filled with pure soy wax, fragrance or essential oils and a cotton wick. So instead of putting small pillar candles, tea lights or votives in the holder, the candle is already there for you to burn. These are special custom candles so be sure to read the instructions below before burning them.

Prometheus Mythology

Greek mythology is filled with tales of many gods and heroes. Among them are the Titans, twelve elder gods and goddesses who ruled the heavens and earth in the golden age of Greek legend. They were later overthrown in a great war by twelve younger deities, known as the Olympians, with Zeus being chief among them.