Promethean Candle Boutique specializes in handmade custom candles. Every candle is poured for our customers each time a candle is ordered. Because of this, we have NO inventory of candles and therefore, each candle you order is guaranteed to be fresh.

Not only that, but you literally have thousands of different combinations to choose from regarding size, shape, color, design and scent. No other candle boutique offers this level of customization. Instead of picking from a limited selection of candles that may or may not fit your needs, you design the candle from the ground up – you design them and we make them.

Our goal here at PCB is to cross the boundaries between quality handmade, functionally adequate candles and true works of art made by real people with the utmost care and attention. We take pride in the quality of our candles and guarantee that each one is made exactly according to your specifications.