Choose Your Candles Wisely

Burning candles has been a practice of humans for eons. Back in the days of the cave dwellers early hominoids used the power of fire to light the darkness that surrounded them. Early settlers and pioneers used oil lamps for lighting their homes as well as providing a heat source. As electricity was discovered, we were able to provide lighting in our homes and environments at the flick of a switch.


But electricity or the new LED candles cannot replace the aura and mood that a candle provides. Sure the new LED candles are safe, cheap and do provide a realistic type of lighting, nothing really comes close to the real feel of the natural burning look and feel of a real candle.

Burning a candle in your home can make the mood really nice. Whether you’re attempting a romantic environment or you just want a somber feel to your atmosphere, a nice candle can really add so much to your evening. There are a few things that you need to consider when purchasing a candle. Burning candles can be a very nice addition to any room, but the wrong kind of candle can also cause long lasting health effects if you’re not aware of the dangers.


Many candle makers overseas construct their candle wax with chemicals that are harmful for humans to breathe. Be sure that the candle you purchase is made from a natural source and isn’t harmful to human health. Soy based candles have been proven to be safe to burn inside one’s home, office or even restaurant. Another thing you want to consider is the wick. What is the wick made out of?


Many overseas candle manufactures compile their wicks with a lead based material. It doesn’t take a genius to realize that burning lead isn’t something we should be breathing. Be certain of all of the ingredients of your candle before purchasing and especially before burning indoors.


Other candles have added scents and supposed added benefits through the use of aromatherapy. Here again, you need to be aware of the ingredients in the candle before you purchase. Some candles that contain chemicals for bug and mosquito repellent can be harmful for human exposure. We will discuss the additions to candles that have different benefits. There is some research behind some of the claims.


The bottom line is that you need to be cognoscente of all the added ingredients in your candles. Just because a candle is cheaper (or more expensive) doesn’t make it a better burning candle. The more expensive candle could have serious health implications and should be avoided at all costs. Read the labels and research the candle manufacturer. Don’t purchase candles from just any online or retail store. Do your research and make your purchases wisely.


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