Inclusion Hurricane Candles

Our unique inclusion candles are much like wax hurricane candle holders that are already filled with pure soy wax, fragrance or essential oils and a cotton wick. So instead of putting small pillar candles, tea lights or votives in the holder, the candle is already there for you to burn. These are special custom candles so be sure to read the instructions below before burning them.

The shell of the inclusion candle is made from a specially treated hard paraffin wax that resists melting. Within this wax, objects are permenently embedded in the wax. Objects include items such as various types of blown and stained glass, stones, moss and coffee beans.

Once the candle has burned down a bit, it works very much like a lantern or a hurricane candle holder as the light shines through the inclusions and the translucent wax. When the candle has burned down almost completely, you can place tea lights or votives in the shell if you wish to keep the holder.

The inclusion candle is one of three different types of lantern or hurricane candles that are available with either regular fragrance or essential oils so you can indulge in a fantastic aromatherapy experience with the lights turned down or simply burn the candle during the night while reading. Either way, you won’t find candles like this anywhere.

Burning Instructions

This is not your typical candle that you can simply light and let burn. In order to get the most out of your inclusion candle it is very important that you follow the instructions below.

  • Before lighting, make sure the wick is trimmed to a quarter to an eighth inch.
  • The first few times you burn your inclusion candle, burn it for only one hour each time. This goes contrary to most other candles because it causes the candle to burn down the center. However, in this case, that is the preferred outcome.
  • Once the candle is burned down a bit, the recommeded burn time is around 90 minutes. This is to prevent the outer wax shell from melting. You can usually get away with a two hour burn or even more, but be sure to keep an eye on the candle to make sure the sides don’t melt.
  • As a rule, the further the candle burns down, the less time you will be able to burn your candle without melting the sides.When the bottom is reached, if you wish to keep the inclusion shell, you can place tea lights or votives (tea lights are recommended) at the bottom of the candle and use the candle as a hurricane candle holder.

Safety Tips

    1. Never, ever leave an inclusion candle burning unattended.
    2. Always make sure to put the inclusion candle on a non-flammable surface.
    3. Never leave any flammable material near or on the inclusion candle when it is burning.
    4. When burning an inclusion candle that is embedded with flammable material, keep a very close eye on the candle when burning it.
    5. Keep burning inclusion candles away from children and pets.

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