Custom Candles, Custom Made Just For You
Design Your Customized & Personalized Candles

At Promethean Candle you can customize every aspect of your custom candles. Choose the wax, size, shape, colors and fragrance and end up with your very own custom made personalized candles!

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Check Out Some of Our Featured Custom Made Candles

Custom Made Soy Pillar Candles

All natural, U.S. grown, long burning, handmade soy wax pillar candles.

Customized Layered Rustic Pillar Candles

Customized to perfection: custom made, rustic layered pillar candles.

Custom Scented Palm Wax Jar Candles

Handmade, custom scented, unique crystallizing palm wax jar candles.

Pure Soy Wax Jar Candles

Pure soy wax. Custom made, layered, all natural soy wax jar candles.

Aromatherapy Pure Soy Wax Custom Candles

100% pure soy wax. 100% pure essential oils. 100% custom made.

Pure Palm Wax Custom Pillar Candles

Beautiful, feathered palm wax pillar candles made from pure palm wax.

In response to our customers requests for quicker delivery, we've streamlined our production process so custom candles are made in 1 to 3 days. Click here for details.